Adult Individual Therapy

Why Therapy?

You’re here because you’re searching for something.

There are the obvious reasons for seeking individual therapy: depression, anxiety, a traumatic event, work burnout, the loss of a loved one, to name a few. Sometimes people come to therapy to sort out a very specific problem, such as procrastination, social isolation, or sexual functioning . There are also less clear-cut reasons people consider psychotherapy: to more deeply understand identity, to stop repeating self-defeating patterns of behavior, or to reconfigure a life a person has outgrown. The point is, there is no one reason people seek therapy and there shouldn’t be one set of principles applied to all clients.

The purpose of psychotherapy should be unique to each individual. A successful treatment experience is approached as a warm and collaborative interpersonal undertaking between therapist and client. Getting started depends on the therapist listening deeply to the client’s overarching goals, and then working together to construct a specific plan for moving forward. The plan will quite likely involve developing new tools and discovering unrealized strengths to meet the presenting challenges. For most, therapy also helps bring new insights into emotions and motives, and fosters ownership over creating a chosen personal narrative.

Individual Therapy

For Helping and Healing Professionals

Are you the one holding everything together, but inside feel like you’re falling apart?

At Kindred Psychology, we have providers who specialize in the unique challenges faced by educators, medical and mental health professionals, attorneys, and first responders. We understand there isn’t room in your life to show up as anyone but your best self.

Let us help you manage the impact and stressors that come with a life lived in service to others.

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