In Depth Evaluation, Informative Answers

The psychologists at Kindred Psychology offer a wide range of assessments that can help clarify a variety of referral questions. We work with people of all ages, children through the elderly, to provide individually-tailored assessments such as:

  • ADHD evaluations
  • Learning Disability evaluations
  • Academic and Testing accommodations
  • Evaluations for diagnostic clarification
  • Surgical and hormone readiness evaluations
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments
  • Disability determination

A Three Phase Process

Our psychological evaluation (i.e., assessment) process is comprised of three phases.

Phase 1

The first phase is a diagnostic interview, which usually lasts one hour. However, a second session may need to be scheduled, depending on the complexity of the situation. The diagnostic interview helps us deeply understand the difficulties you are experiencing. We will use this session to determine that testing is the next best step in your care. During this phase, we decide what assessments will be most useful to clarify the diagnostic picture.

Phase 2

If testing is the next best step, we will contact your insurance company to obtain a pre-authorization prior to scheduling the testing appointment. Your insurance company must agree that assessment services are medically necessary in order for services to be covered. It will also be important for you to call your insurance company so you are knowledgeable about specific benefits, coverage, and costs.

Phase 3

The third phase of the process consists of a feedback appointment and document delivery. During the feedback appointment, we will review the information you provided in the diagnostic interview. We will share results from the testing process, and discuss the bigger diagnostic picture. We will also make specific data-driven recommendations for interventions and/or accommodations moving forward. After this session, we will provide you with a written document summarizing the diagnostic picture and our specific recommendations.

Why should I consider a psychological assessment?

Our assessments provide specific explanation of any learning disabilities, how the disability is likely to present in the individual’s life, as well as outlining the data-driven learning and instructional strategies that will be most beneficial. In addition, accommodations for diagnosed learning disabilities may include:

  • Modified instructional formats
  • Preferred seating
  • Testing in a distraction-free environment
  • Additional time on testing, coursework, assignments
  • Use of assistive technologies
  • Use of a reader or note-taker

Please note: We do not provide evaluations that are considered to be forensic in nature, as this is not a specialization of the psychologists in our office. Forensic evaluations include sex offense risk assessments for youth or adults, nonsexual violence risk assessments, child custody evaluations, parent-child attachment assessments, competency to stand trial assessments, malingering evaluations, or evaluations/letters advocating the necessity of emotional support animals. For individuals seeking these specific assessment services, our office is happy to refer to forensic psychologists in the community who specialize in providing high-quality forensic assessment services.

To learn more about our assessment services, please contact us at (402) 483-7900.