Relationship Therapy

At Kindred Psychology, we are deeply committed to helping people move from a state of loneliness and isolation to a place of safety and connection.

Many people think we should intuitively know how to navigate relationships. And yet, the complexities of learning to live with and love others can be among the most challenging tasks we face. When difficulties arise, we can be quick to give up, blame ourselves or others, or feel hopeless about the possibility of change.

We may feel trapped and filled with resentment in relationships, and the effects of isolation and loneliness can take a toll on our personal mental health. This risk may be especially sharp for people whose relationships are not seen as valid or valuable by the communities around them.

Relationship Therapy

We work with people experiencing a variety of relationship challenges such as:

  • Communication
  • Parent-child conflicts
  • Intimacy
  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Infidelity
  • Parenting style differences
  • Negotiating new relationship structures
  • Spiritual compatibility concerns
  • Cohabitation challenges

Resolving relationship issues often centers around getting to know your personal truths.

We can help you understand who you are and how you’ve come to interact with others. Sometimes this means healing past traumas or re-evaluating the stories you’ve learned throughout your life. In the course of therapy, you can learn how to identify and change automatic patterns that are actually serving as barriers in your relationships. You can learn what you really want from others, and refine how you communicate your needs. Once you connect with yourself and heal in this profound way, you can start to develop healthier relationships with those around you. We can help you create communities where you feel safe, seen, and connected.

We know that one of the most fundamental components of happiness in life is having rich and rewarding relationships with others.

At Kindred Psychology, we believe that individual therapy can be a powerful way for people to improve their relationships; it is not always necessary for a partner, significant other, or family member to be in attendance.

We work with couples and families of all configurations, including LGBTQ+, heterosexual, monogamous, nuclear, blended, chosen, and polyamorous relationship structures. We also offer a variety of group therapy services, as we have found groups to be an extremely beneficial modality for those seeking to improve their relationship skills and feelings of connectedness with others.

Clinicians at Kindred Psychology are trained to give you the insights and tools you need to create satisfying relationships with others, no matter what relationship difficulties you may be experiencing. Please connect with us here to schedule an appointment for our relationship counseling services.

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