Gender & Sexuality

Gender TherapistKindred Psychology proudly offers affirming and expert care related to gender and sexuality concerns.

LGBTQ+ individuals may experience mental health challenges that are compounded by exposure to homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and other types of discrimination. Race-based stress further intensifies the level of complexity in the lives of some LGBTQ+ individuals.

In some environments, we experience the barrage of challenges to existing laws and policies. In others, we are still fighting for acceptance, basic safety and equal protection. When one’s existence and humanity are sources of bitter cultural debate, people who are LGBTQ+ understandably experience increased stress and anxiety. Families and/or faith communities that are not open and affirming often communicate messages of contempt, self-loathing, spiritual confusion, and may be associated with religious trauma. In the presence of underdeveloped coping mechanisms, stress and anxiety are not adequately managed and can escalate to isolation, loneliness, challenges with mood regulation, substance use and/or eating concerns, and/or relationship difficulties. Traumas may persist as unspoken and unresolved. 

We are committed to providing culturally-affirming, trauma-knowledgeable, inclusive and affirming counseling services for the LGBTQ+ individuals we serve. We welcome people in families and relationships of all configurations. At Kindred Psychology, we have clinicians who are trained and experienced in providing services according to APA Recommendations for people whose relationship structures involve Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM). In addition, for those clients who incorporate kink into their lives and/or relationships, we are proud to provide sex-positive care according to the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Working with People with Kink Interests.

At Kindred Psychology, you will be welcomed into a validating space where all of your intersecting individual, social and cultural identities will be acknowledged, embraced, and provided with care from an informed and knowledgeable perspective.

10 Considerations for Finding a Gender Competent Therapist for Your Child

This Consumer’s Guide for parents and guardians of gender diverse children (linked above) is a valuable resource that was developed by the APA Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, with contributions from Elizabeth Baumann, PhD, Sarah E. Burgamy, PsyD, Arlene Noriega, PhD, and Michèle M. Schlehofer, PhD.

Finding qualified psychological services for gender diverse children and adolescents can be challenging for parents and guardians. This guide can help you assess potential therapists to determine if they are competent to provide supportive and affirmative care, and if they will be a good fit for your child or adolescent. It may be helpful to view this process much as you would any other important consumer choice. Being as informed as possible as you start the search and knowing what kinds of questions you will want to ask can make the process easier.


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