Group Therapy Services

We offer a robust selection of group therapy services, consistent with our practice philosophies about the vital importance of relationships. Kindred Psychology group therapy offerings are based on specific presenting problems, life circumstances, shared identities, and/or the type of skills that need further development. Group therapy is a cost-effective treatment modality covered by most insurance companies.

Group therapy is a powerful companion to individual therapy.

We have found that group therapy, in combination with individual therapy, can be a particularly effective combination for some individuals. Clients who are seeing individual therapists outside of Kindred Psychology are welcome to attend our groups. In fact, we highly encourage clients to maintain their established therapeutic relationships with outside providers! For a description of our current group therapy offerings, please see below.

Group Therapy Services

Current Groups

Gender Therapist

Gender Diverse Group Series. Find your community! Browse our group offerings for gender diverse kiddos, adolescents, adults, or caregivers of gender diverse youth. This group series is open to the community and is not considered a therapy group.

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Previous Group Therapy Offerings

Kindred Tree

DBT Skills for Adults. For LGBTQ+ individuals 21+. 

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Navigating the World: A Psychotherapy Group for the New Year. Condensed group for individuals seeking to develop and better maintain coping skills for daily living. Open to individuals 21+. 

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Transgender and Gender Diverse Groups

  • Transgender/Gender Diverse Youth
  • Transgender/Gender Diverse Teens
  • Transgender/Gender Diverse Young Adults (late college age and early professionals)
  • Parents of Transgender/Gender Diverse Youth

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Group

DBT uses a rotating group series model for young adults who would benefit from improved coping skills. Using didactic and experiential methods, individuals are taught to self-manage behavior through using mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. You can learn more about this effective approach here. 

Thriving with Bipolar Disorder Group

This group for adults who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Research shows that group therapy for people with bipolar disorder can yield fewer symptoms of mania, depression and anxiety, fewer and shorter mood change episodes, and improved social functioning. Through this group, participants connect meaningfully with others while learning personalized and research-based strategies to monitor and manage moods while finding balance in life. 

Professional Women with Depression and Anxiety

This group is designed for educators, helping professionals, medical personnel, community activists, entrepreneurs, and other professional women who are impacted by challenging occupations. Participants learn to identify, understand, and manage subtle and overt symptoms of depression and anxiety. In this interpersonal process therapy group, expect to develop meaningful relationships with other professional women who understand the challenge of providing emotional labor in multiple domains of life. Clients support one another in balancing mood and anxiety management, healthy relationships, and professional excellence.

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