Jacob D. Lozier, MA PLMHP

Jacob D. Lozier, MA PLMHPMental Health Practitioner/Therapist

Jacob D. Lozier, MA PLMHP (“Jake”) is a mental health practitioner and therapist. Jake (he/him/his) earned his BA in Education from Fairmont State University in Fairmont, West Virginia, and his MA in Counseling with a concentration in Community Counseling from West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia. 

Jake’s early career background is grounded in Education and focused on teaching students who were identified as gifted yet underperforming academically. He encountered exceptionally bright youth who were struggling with undiagnosed ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, and problems with mood and/or behavior regulation. Those experiences clarified for Jake that counseling relationships were his preferred way of working with students.

In a therapeutic capacity, Jake has continued working with youth identified as gifted and/or underperforming in school environments. He has broadened his specializations to include working with adolescents and adults with diverse sexualities and gender identities who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or mood disorders. Jake also works to strengthen the psychological and relational health of individuals and families who have been impacted by trauma. He has completed specialized training in trauma-sensitive yoga should clients wish to incorporate yoga into their self-care practices.

Jake brings a knowledgeable, thoughtful, and holistic approach to the therapeutic process. During his Master’s training, Jake completed his practicum hours at Olney Friends School in Barnesville, Ohio. The Quaker values of global citizenship, environmental stewardship, integrity, empathy, and reflection are foundational to Olney Friends School, and these values are evident in Jake’s way of relating with the world and other people. Jake is particularly skilled at incorporating these values into his therapeutic work with the LGBTQ+ community as well as people with other marginalized identities. 

My philosophy as a therapist is based on my belief that we are all born with profound needs to belong and achieve mastery. Difficulties often appear when we lack the security of belonging or the feeling of mastery over crucial components in our lives. Therapeutic relationships can acquaint clients with the feeling of belonging, as I strive to connect with each person through attuned listening, asking questions, and sharing insights. I prioritize connection while gently challenging individuals to reduce unhelpful avoidance, thoughts, or behaviors that may be interfering with accomplishing mastery over their own lives.

Insurance Companies Accepted as In-Network

  • BCBS
  • Medicaid
  • Nebraska Total Care
  • United HealthCare (Medicaid)
  • WellCare
  • Jake also offers out-of-network services and cash-paying arrangements for clients electing not to use their insurance.