Licensed Psychologist

Kindred Psychology is currently hiring a full-time psychologist who is licensed or license-eligible to practice in the state of Nebraska. Employment at Kindred Psychology requires demonstrated expertise and enthusiasm for working with LGBTQ+ clients using an inclusive and affirming approach. This position has an open specialization, though clinicians with experience working with eating disorders, substance use, neurodiversity, mood disorders, and social anxiety are particularly well-suited for this position. In addition, we are seeking a psychologist with experience providing relationship therapy and conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations.

Mission Statement:

Kindred Psychology is a thriving multi-specialty psychology and psychotherapy practice comprised of established community leaders in mental healthcare. We provide exceptional psychological services to individuals, groups, and families of all configurations. We offer a progressive approach to behavioral healthcare, providing services that are personalized, relational, and scientifically supported. Kindred Psychology is an inclusive and affirming Counseling Psychology practice.

We appreciate that diversity is comprised of the personal experiences, values, and worldviews that intersect with differences of culture and circumstance. Such differences include race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, language, abilities/disabilities, sexual orientation and affective expression, gender identity, socioeconomic status, among other features. We acknowledge the under-representation of diversity in our field, and are committed to addressing this disparity by actively seeking applications from diverse psychologists.

Core Values:

We are a unique strengths-based workplace culture shaped by the core values of:

  • Client and clinician engagement
  • Personal investment in progressive cultural change
  • Honoring diversity with cultural humility and a lens of intersectionality
  • Collaborative care of ourselves and each other
  • The unwavering belief that transformation is possible

Position Summary:

We seek a fully licensed (or license-eligible) doctoral-level psychologist to join our expanding team of clinicians. This position is open to candidates with specialized experience providing culturally responsive, affirming services to LGBTQ+ populations. Other practice opportunities of this position include conducting comprehensive assessments, supervising provisionally licensed clinicians, program development and expansion, and providing community education/trainings. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The Licensed Psychologist provides assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of client concerns such as mood disorders, anxiety, neurodiversity, substance abuse, trauma exposure, eating disorders, identity development, adjustment, sexual health difficulties, and life transitions. It is desirable for the Licensed Psychologist to possess experience conducting pre-hormone and pre-surgical evaluations as informed by WPATH standards and an informed consent model (or willingness to learn specialized protocols), as well as experience conducting psychological and psychoeducational evaluations. 

This position involves the management of sensitive client information and requires strong adherence to professional ethics. The Licensed Psychologist must maintain a strict standard of confidentiality consistent with Nebraska mental health law.

The Licensed Psychologist must demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills; sensitive and direct interpersonal skills; commitment to engaging in a collaborative team atmosphere; dedication to progressive cultural change; and a kind and supportive demeanor. In order to be successful in this position, the Licensed Psychologist must possess the ability to perform with a high degree of independence, a strong work ethic, and exemplary ability to balance self-motivation with self-care.

About Working with Kindred Psychology:

We provide comprehensive mental health services for young adolescents through older adults. Our experienced and highly engaged practitioners specialize in LGBTQ+ populations, transgender health and resilience, life transitions, traumatic experiences, reproductive – mental health decisions and difficulties, sexual health and sexuality concerns, mood and anxiety disorders. The majority of our clientele are adolescents, young adults and college/graduate students, as well as professionals such as medical providers, attorneys, educators, school administrators, and university staff and faculty. 

Why should you join Kindred Psychology?

  • Schedule autonomy. With 24/7 access to your private office and our practice, you have the freedom to schedule clients in alignment with your preferences and client needs. We only require 3 client hours per week to be scheduled after 5 pm, or 1 therapy group to be scheduled at 6 pm or later. The remainder of hours are scheduled according to your preferences. Psychologists are working both via Telehealth and in-person (only with clients who have been vaccinated for COVID-19) . 
  • Support for specialization. We are a flourishing and rapidly expanding practice. As such, we are experiencing a demand for services that exceeds our supply of available clinical hours. We are seeking a Licensed Psychologist who wishes to focus their clinical interests in specialization areas of their choice.
  • Professional development support. We are dedicated to supporting the career aspirations of our team members. Should you wish, your practice may include group therapy, Telehealth, couples therapy, psychological assessment, relationship counseling, family therapy, professional consultations, supervision, workshops, and speaking engagements.
  • You are supported administratively. Credentialing, billing, and administrative services are provided to promote access to services for clients and to allow clinicians to focus on providing the highest quality services.
  • You are not isolated. Our team values collaboration and peer consultation. We are well-connected among traditional healthcare practices as well as alternative healing practices in the area.
  • Working for social justice. At Kindred Psychology, we are passionate about serving our community, both in an out of the therapy room. It is an expectation for all clinicians to support community activism congruent with their practice specialization.
  • An atmosphere of balance. We are dedicated to modeling healthy lifestyles through an emphasis on clinician self-care and a healthy work/life balance.
  • Excellent earning potential and job security. Kindred Psychology uses a progressive compensation structure designed to mitigate the risks and reduce the tax burden of private practice, while allowing practitioners scheduling autonomy and the freedom to dictate income based on the number of clients seen.
  • As W-2 employees, clinicians are provided BCBS Gold Plan Health Insurance, Vision and Dental Insurance, Paid Personal Time, 10 paid holidays, parental leave, and workers compensation insurance. The cost of malpractice insurance is covered by the practice, and we provide up to 18 hours/year of Continuing Education credits through our Lifetime Membership with Affirmative Couch


  • Applicants must have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology or Clinical Psychology. Equivalent degree backgrounds  in other disciplines will be considered.
  • Must have or be eligible for a valid license to practice psychology in Nebraska. Relocation assistance is available.
  • Must desire to develop a practice specialization and be knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate about serving the LGBTQ+ community.

Interested applicants should send their curriculum vitae and letter of interest to Dr. Camie Nitzel at