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The Telehealth Room is a Reality!

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Kindred Psychology is proud to collaborate with Nebraska Mental Health Association of Nebraska (MHA-NE) in our COVERED Telehealth Accessibility Program. This program provides a safe, private, accessible, and routinely sanitized Telehealth Room in which clients can continue their mental health care services during COVID-19. The Telehealth Room is located in a refurbished art studio in a building on the grounds of MHA-NE’s Honu Home. This Telehealth Room is equipped with all of the necessary technology and supplies clients need for Telehealth sessions.

Here are the details you will need in order to access the Telehealth Room for your session.

Step 1 – Scheduling

All current and new clients should connect with Courtney about getting on the Honu Home schedule. (The Telehealth Room is not available on a walk-in basis.) Send Courtney an email ( or, if you prefer, reach out by phone at 402-483-7900. Mention your interest in holding your Telehealth session at Honu Home.

  • Using the established secure client portal, clients will complete a separate consent form for using the Telehealth Room at Honu Home. Only demographic information from this consent form will be shared with Honu Home for documentation of their hours of service. All information remains confidential.

We will do our best to coordinate room availability with your appointment schedule. However, please note that the room is only available for one session at a time, and Honu Home staff need time between sessions to thoroughly sanitize the room. We also have five providers at Kindred Psychology with clients who may be interested in sharing that space. Everyone will need to be flexible so the room can be available for as many people as possible.    

Step 2 – Accessing Honu Home

Honu Home is located at 4141 S. 56th St. in Lincoln, NE.

The private parking lot can only be accessed off of the southbound lane. If you are headed North or West on Pioneers, please loop through the neighborhood, as indicated in this nifty map. (Thanks, Courtney!) You may park wherever you like, including in front of the garage doors. Proceed to to the sidewalk along the left side of the garage doors, and the Telehealth Room will be immediately to your right.

Step 3 – The day of your session

  • We ask that if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms of COVID-19, please cancel your appointment and stay home. Concerning symptoms include a fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle aches, sore throat, loss of sense of smell or taste. 
  • Plan to arrive at Honu Home 15 minutes early to get settled. Upon entering, please sanitize your hands and grab an individually sealed mask. Though the Telehealth Room is thoroughly sanitized before and after each session, we recommend wearing a mask because it is still a shared space. 
  • We will use the same process of emailing you a secure video session link prior to your session.
  • Remember you’ll need access to your email and password.
  • You may use your personal smartphone in the Telehealth Room. An iPad will also be available for your session. If using the iPad, please follow the posted instructions.
  • Whether using your own device or the iPad, the WiFi Network and password are posted in the Telehealth Room for your use.
  • After your session, please ensure you log out of the portal and your email. The iPad is set to not store any information, but please double check you’ve logged out. Honu Home staff members will provide a triple check that all information is deleted from the iPad when they clean between sessions. 
  • Please understand that the Honu Home is not available for public traffic, and there is not a restroom in the Telehealth Room. There is an All Gender public restroom available nearby inside The Mill at
The staff and clients at Kindred Psychology extend our most heartfelt gratitude for the time and energy devoted by staff members and administrators at Mental Health Association of Nebraska, as well as their staff members at Keya House, and Honu Home. They have patiently worked together with us to make this Telehealth Room not only a reality, but one that is inclusive, affirming, safe, and HIPAA-compliant. MHA-NE is a non-profit, peer-led organization who values offering alternative options for those experiencing mental health, substance use and/or addiction issues, as well as supporting crisis prevention. We have seen these values in action from our first contact with a trusted Keya House staff member. On behalf of clients served, we honor this collaboration with you.