How do I know if I need therapy?

If you’re reading about therapists on the internet, that’s probably a reliable indicator that the support of a therapist would be helpful to you.

Other indicators that you might benefit from therapy include:

  • difficulties in your relationships
  • challenges at work or school
  • having a hard time concentrating
  • feeling unhappy more days than not
  • worrying your use of substances might be excessive
  • hiding your behaviors or a part of yourself
  • acting short-tempered or irritable
  • difficulty sleeping
  • trusted others such as a partner, family member, physician or faith leader suggest you should consider therapy
  • having a hard time figuring out what is important in your life
  • feeling unable to manage your daily stress
  • realizations about your identity
  • questions about whether life is worth living

In truth, nearly everyone can benefit from counseling or therapy.

Especially if you are experiencing any of the indicators above, you may want to give therapy a try. You’ll likely find that working a therapist is beneficial to you, even if you’re usually the one others come to for support. (Perhaps, especially then. See our section on For Helping and Healing Professionals)

You only need to decide that you’re ready to start feeling different from how you feel right now to know you’re ready for therapy. (Would it be okay with you if your life wasn’t this difficult?) Even if you can’t envision feeling any other way, therapy can help you find your path forward.

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