Camie Nitzel, PhD LP

Camie NitzelFounder, Licensed Psychologist

Camie Nitzel, PhD LP (she/her/hers or they) is a Licensed Psychologist and the Founder of Kindred Psychology. Dr. Nitzel is a first-generation college student, having completed undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology/anthropology at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Camie’s MA and PhD degrees are from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Counseling Psychology program (APA-accredited).

Camie approaches clients with warmth, authenticity, depth, and insight. Using evidence-based therapies (IPT, CBT, ACT, DBT), Camie helps individuals discover and explore their own internal wisdom, strengths, and motivations to change. Camie is highly engaged in the process of guiding clients toward inner exploration and excavation of any obstacles they encounter. Ultimately, Camie views therapy as a relational collaboration shared with clients who are committed to envisioning and constructing vibrant lives. Camie brings curiosity, openness, camaraderie, quick wit, a sense of humor, and a steady belief in resilience to the therapeutic process.

Camie’s approach to mental health is grounded in a lifelong commitment to social justice, diversity, inclusion, and feminist principles. Her education, clinical and research training, as well as her lived experiences, compel her to focus on the sociocultural influences that shape and surround each individual. She brings a nuanced understanding of the complex intersectional aspects of identity and the impact of privilege and discrimination with regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and affective expression, gender identity and expression, religious community or a-religiosity, immigration status, age, size, ability and socioeconomic background. Through Camie’s keen conceptualization of intersectional identities, clients feel deeply validated and understood.

Having integrated over twenty years of training and experience in a wide range of agency, school, university, and community settings, Camie offers expertise in several areas:

  • Trauma recovery 
  • Well-being for women
  • Depression and anxiety management
  • Sexual health and diverse sexualities
  • Gender identity and transgender health
  • Intersecting identity development processes

Camie serves as a psychologist for educators, medical providers, therapists, and other professionals at high risk for experiencing vicarious trauma. She is well-versed in the complexities and unique challenges for those who encounter the suffering of others on a daily basis. Camie reserves a portion of her practice hours solely for providing trauma-informed care and fostering sustainable well-being for fellow helping and healing professionals.   

Camie is a queer-identified psychologist who enjoys supporting all members of the LGBTQ+ community, particularly transgender and gender-diverse individuals. Camie’s work is guided by the Gender Affirmative Model, considered to be a model best practice by the APA. Camie is the only Licensed Psychologist Member of WPATH in the State of Nebraska, providing appropriately aligned assessments for pre-hormone and pre-surgical psychological evaluations. Camie also collaborates with medical and mental health providers, businesses, schools, and educators, sharing expertise toward developing sensitive and culturally responsive environments that respect and affirm diverse gender identities and all sexualities.

Professional Engagement

In the Community
  • Trained with Transgender Training Institute as a Trainer to provide in-depth training programs for schools, businesses, and organizations seeking to increase cultural competence with transgender students, employees, and consumers.
  • Partnered with UNL Teacher Learning Teacher Education Department for the first Wellness & Well-Being Colloquium. Together with Raul Palacios, spoke to pre-service teachers about recognizing and intervening with student mental health difficulties in the classroom, as well as prioritizing teacher self-care.
  • Facilitated the interactive presentation, Fostering Well-Being in Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth: Essentials for Educators at the UNL spring Wellness and Well-Being Colloquium for pre-service teachers.
  • Serves on the Gender Eligibility Committee of the Nebraska State Activities Association to improve access to school-sponsored activities for transgender and gender diverse youth.
  • Provided training to staff at Child Advocacy Center on providing sensitive and affirming services to the transgender and gender diverse youth and families served at their agency.


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