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Step 1

We understand the decision to seek mental health services is often a difficult one, so we streamline the process as much as possible. Start by giving a call to our Office Coordinator, Courtney, at (402) 483-7900. Or, if you prefer not speaking on the phone (we get you!), complete the form connected to the button below. This appointment form routes to a protected Kindred Psychology email account. Courtney will get in touch with you as quickly as possible. Please don’t include highly confidential information in this contact form, as we haven’t yet established that we will be working together and your privacy matters to us.

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Kindred Psychology Process

Step 2

Kindred Psychology Process

Courtney will communicate with you over the phone or electronically, whichever you prefer, about your needs in a clinician. No need to go into lots of detail, just the general reason for seeking services (e.g., “depression and anxiety”). You can tell Courtney the name of the person you’d like to see, if you know that information. Courtney will ask you some questions about your insurance coverage, so you’ll want to locate your insurance card. Courtney will then check in with your selected clinician about scheduling and insurance compatibility, current caseload, and any conflicts of interest. (Please be patient here, as sometimes it takes a bit to catch clinicians between sessions!) If everything aligns, Courtney will help find a time for you to meet your therapist for your intake session. Click on the FAQ button below to learn more about Frequently Asked Questions before your communication with Courtney.


Step 3

We use a HIPAA-compliant electronic portal for our scheduling, record-keeping, and billing processes. After you schedule your first appointment, Courtney will send a link to your email account so you can access the intake paperwork. This link can be accessed on your phone, tablet, or computer. If possible, we would like these forms completed before your first session with your clinician. If you don’t have access to the internet or electronics, just let Courtney know. We keep an iPad at the front desk that you may use to complete the paperwork electronically before your first session. 

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