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About the Artist: John D. Muñoz

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Kindred Psychology is proud to feature local artist John D. Muñoz of Omaha, Nebraska as our first spotlight artist.

Muñoz’ work showcases surrealism-style color blocking, hidden faces, and dreamlike imagery. Every piece has a humble beginning, as the canvases are disregarded advertisements, pieces of cardboard and other commonly overlooked items. Muñoz uses a variety of media types such as graphite, acrylics, oils and pastels. He uses his fingers to blend lines and mix bold hues.

John D. MunozLife inspires John’s art, “The good the bad, all of it. I see images in shapes and random lines I draw. It’s in the process of filling with color that I start to get an idea of where the work is headed. From there, lots of faces evolve and with those faces, a stream of emotion follows.” At one time, Muñoz’ personal struggles with mental health and substance abuse shaped the way he saw and created art. “I produced a lot of artwork and had some success, but creating art and abusing drugs became symbiotic. So much so, that I convinced myself I could not create unless I’d been drinking and or partying. It was so convoluted.”

Ten years sober (eleven in September), Muñoz now uses art to evaluate the world around him. “Through my art, I am able to express an infinite number of images that exist in my mind. Art, for me, has served as a way to communicate my interpretation of the human experience. It commentates on the human condition. Be it, heartbreak, depression, sexual suppression, grief, joy, anxiety, conflicts of the mind, betrayal, you name it. A lot of it is subtle and just as much of my work is right in your face and literal. I cherish this gift as one that is divinely guided with every stroke of a brush, line from a pencil or any media I chose to explore. Creativity has kept me in this thing called life. For that, I am truly humbled.”

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about a print or original Muñoz piece, please inquire at the front desk.

Kindred Psychology proudly displays art from local artists that explores the complexity of the mind, mental health, gender, sexuality, race, family, and identity among the themes. We do not charge to use the space for display, or earn royalties on any purchased art. We view this as a creative, community building opportunity to expand the conversations about mental health and substance abuse while also supporting disproportionately affected populations.