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Macro Meditations: A Mindfulness Art Exhibit by Chelsea Krafka

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Macro Meditations

Kindred Psychology is proud to host an art exhibit for Photography by Chelsea Krafka. Chelsea uses mindfulness and meditative practices while capturing intricate details of the natural world using macro photography. As she engages with the smallest of features, Chelsea connects her breath with the present moment. Come witness the beautiful outcomes of Chelsea’s meaningful self-care practice! Canvas prints and custom orders in a variety of sizes will be available, with all proceeds going to the photographer.

Macro Meditations by Chelsea Krafka

Words from the Artist

“I started off doing a lot of nature photography. I love being outside when the weather is nice. I am fascinated by the lovely world which can be found in the simplest of everyday life – the details of a butterfly wing, the glimmer in a bee’s wings, the softness of a flower petal. I started having my photos in a few galleries around town, and then people started asking me to do more portrait work. I work with children for a living, and doing photos for families was fun. Before I knew it, I was doing every type of portrait photography. I have a son and daughter, and I enjoy doing photography on the side as a hobby as well as being a full-time mommy and working full-time outside the home. I feel as though my style is rather casual. I enjoy taking more candid photos rather than posed pictures. I edit photos, but I don’t overly abuse photoshopping. Pictures are often a way to capture memories, and I think it is important to show people for who they are without covering up flaws and imperfections to the point of being unrecognizable. People have often told me that I help to make them feel comfortable and relaxed..that they have fun during a photoshoot and that the pictures make them feel beautiful. Every photo is a work of art. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to bring this type of beauty into the world.”