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2022 Health Insurance Information

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With the new year, we’re all seeing some changes in our 2022 Health Insurance Information. Usually, Courtney helps gather new Health Insurance Information from clients at the front desk during the first sessions in January. This year, since we’re still using Telehealth due to COVID-19, we need clients to actively collaborate in communicating their 2022 Health Insurance Information.

Please locate your Insurance Situation in the left hand column of the table below. Then, take the required Action Steps (right-hand column) according to your change or update. (If you’re reading this on a mobile phone, turn your phone horizontally to view the table properly.)

Insurance Situation

Action Steps

NEW card,
SAME insurance
Please email Courtney a picture or scan of your new card(s).
NEW insurance provider, policy, or policy number. 1. Call your insurance provider’s Member Services to review your benefits and eligibility. See the section below for helpful questions to ask.

(You can also access this information by consulting your insurance company’s Benefit Plan Summary or your online member portal. Check the back of your insurance card for this contact information.)

2. Ensure your provider is in-network with your new insurance plan.**

3. Connect with Courtney L prior to your next session. Please send pictures of the front and back of your card directly to your client portal account.

** We cannot guarantee that your therapist will be in-network with a new insurance provider, which is why it’s important to verify your information with Member Services prior to your next session.

SAME plan,
NEW year.
If nothing about your policy has changed, you will nevertheless want to check on certain benefits that may have changed due to COVID-19. Please contact Member Services listed on your card and ask the following questions:

1. Are cost-shares being waived due to COVID-19?   

2. Do I have a deductible or co-pay? If so, how much?

3. Is Telehealth for mental health sessions still a covered service?

4. Have my mental health benefits changed in any way?

Send Courtney L an email with any changes you learn about from Member Services.

Something Else Reach out to Courtney L as soon as possible, and she will help you navigate the insurance maze! (

 Final Details:

  • For more information about how Health Insurance and Benefits work with Kindred Psychology services, visit the Fees and Insurance section of our website. 
  • If your plan has a deductible that resets in January, expect to pay full session fees until you have met your deductible.
  • If you have a high deductible, please speak with Courtney about payment arrangements to continue your therapy without interruption of services.
  • Due to working remotely, Courtney is best reached via email: She is also happy to give you a call; just leave us a message on our voicemail or send her an email requesting a time to talk.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year!

Kindred Psychology Staff